La Quebrada del Castillo

Not far from Quebrada del Castillo, there are several attractive places for different people and tastes. You can enjoy walks or rides combining nature, sports, beaches and the interest for architecture and historic places. You can also find, a few minutes away, all the necessary services, despite being in the middle of the countryside and mentally far away from big cities, you can have access to the advantages and comfort of modern life.

Castillo de Piria (Piria Castle)

You can ride or walk across the farm to the Castle. It was the family residence of Mr. Francisco Piria, and the Castle was finished in 1897. Its terra-cotta statues were brought from Italy. Art exhibitions and cultural activities are organized in this place and usually you can have a guided tour (1 km distance from the farmhouse).

Castillo Piria

Cerro Pan de Azúcar and Animal Reserve

The Cerro Pan de Azúcar, crowned at the top by a huge cross created by Zorrilla de San Martín, is the symbol of the area. A huge mass of granite, visible from the four cardinal points. An exciting walk for the visitor who loves trekking. (2 km distance from the farm).

On the base of the Cerro Pan de Azúcar, you can find the Native Animal Reserve. This is one of the few undertakings which gathers and keeps the native species of the region in a semi-wild environment, ranging from birds to pumas, which are today in a protected and breeding state. The design of the place has considered autochthonous forestation and environmental caring.

Reserva Puma


A few minutes away from Quebrada del Castillo, there is a long strip of coast with bays and white sand beaches and clear waters. The most recommended beaches are: Punta Colorada, San Francisco, Playa Hermosa and Piriápolis located within this city. 30 minutes away you will find the famous beaches of Punta del Este.


Sports harbours

Both Piriápolis and Punta del Este have sports harbours, where you can contract excursion and deep-sea fishing services.



A seaside resort, 4 km away from the farm, located between hills and beaches, quiet and peaceful, has several services and activities.

Restaurants, discotheques, musical shows. "La Langosta" restaurant, facing the sea, is specially recommended for its excellent seafood, fish and personalized attention.



It is located in the magnificent "Argentino Hotel" of Piriápolis, a very interesting architectural construction with excellent services.



Not far from Quebrada del Castillo, on the way to Punta del Este along the Ruta Interbalnearia highway you can find an exclusive club: Club del Lago, with its excellent golf course. There is also a "driving range" in this course.

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