La Quebrada del Castillo

Just a few minutes ride from the beautiful beaches of Piriápolis, Punta Colorada, Playa Hermosa and Solís, a little over an hour from Montevideo, the capital of the country, and 35 kilometers from the famous beach resort Punta del Este, La Quebrada del Castillo offers you a peaceful setting, away from the buzzing beach life yet close to where it all happen.

Built by the Spaniards in the early 18th century, La Quebrada del Castillo was a fort used as a halting place where the soldiers watered and fed their horses. During the wars of independence the revolutionary government donates the buildings and surrounding area to the brave general Leonardo Oliveira as a sign of gratitude for his conquest of the Fortress of Santa Teresa from the Portuguese. Oliveira names the property and its surrounding hills La Estancia de las Caballadas ( The Horse Herd Estancia).

As time passes the buildings fall into disrepair and when Francisco Piria arrives from Italy, there is only a ruin left of the old Spanish fort. Being the only original building in the area, Piria purchases the property from the heirs of the Oliveira family and settles there while he starts building his project Piriápolis. Under Piria’s administration, hundreds of migrated workers from Italy and Spain repair the old ruins and make it what it is today. While building Piria’s Castle, the surrounding village, vineyard and olive grows, the workers are accommodated at La Quebrada del Castillo. At the end of the 19th century, up to 800 men and their families lived on this land.

In the early 1970es the estate changes hands once again. The new owners of La Quebrada del Castillo start undertaking all the required repairs and the land is, again, used for horse breeding. The old stables are transformed into a small country hotel and the main building becomes a restaurant and banqueting room, popular for celebrating weddings and birthday parties.

Today La Quebrada del Castillo is a country haven for those who want to enjoy the calm of the Uruguayan countryside yet staying close to the beaches and the exciting night life of the nearby resorts.

Known for its rich birdlife, the area is a popular destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers. A perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the landscape is on horseback of our marvelous horses.

Welcome to La Quebrada del Castillo!
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